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*runs around flailing*

10 November
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Generally I am HYPER. Sometimes I can be a LITTLE insane. I have red GLASSES. I love SUSHI and ice cream MOCHI. Occasionally I'll say something useful or SMART. I LAUGH at a bit more than most people would/should. Unfortunately I CRY easily in girly movies. Naive and INCOMPETENT in a few subjects. I spend way too much time on my IMAC COMPUTER and I love my IPOD an unhealthy amount. I wear CHUCK TAYLORS almost everyday. On good days my hair is SUPER WAVY. Every once in a while I get fits of CREATIVITY which cause me to run around with my amazing CAMERA or make LJ ICONS. I love falling asleep to the SOUNDS OF RAIN.
And apparently I have more to say about myself than I thought. ><

Pretty much being used for all my fangirling needs. I will join communities and friend peoples, but I'm really looking for stuff to download. Greedy I know, but I'll comment. ^_^ I will occasionally rant on here about stupid stuff, or stuff that makes me laugh. *shrug* This is really not anything special but I'll update when I feel the intense desire to share something. XD